insert molding overmolding grounding pin with plastic nut

Overmolded grounding pin with plastic nut and G1/2 thread

Insert molding – overmolding is one of the core manufacturing services we offer at Davantech. In this video we show you the manufacturing of an overmolded grounding pin with plastic nut and G1/2 thread. These pins are used to measure current leakage in water systems like swimming pools. First we make the stainless steel pin on a CNC turning machine. Then, a small flat surface is milled on one of our CNC milling centers.

The overmolding process.

The pin goes into the injection mold. Once the mold is fully closed, we inject the plastic into the mold. As a result, the molten plastic flows in the cavity around the grounding pin and the nut and thread are formed. After cooling down, the mold opens and the overmolded grounding pin is ejected. In order to speed up the manufacturing process we produce 2 overmolds at a time. Next, we only have to mount the solder lug with a screw and a o-ring. At last, the assembled unit goes in a plastic bag before it goes into the box, ready for shipping.

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Among our insert molding – overmolding services, the overmolded grounding pin with plastic nut and G1/2 thread is only one of them. We are specialized in the manufacturing of custom made overmolded cables and connectors. In addition, printed circuit boards are overmolded following a strict process. Contact us to know more about the benefits of overmolded PCB’s. Next, there are overmolded pogo pins, magnetic connectors and even sensors.

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