Electronic enclosures

custom machining plastic enclosure

custom machining of plastic enclosures

Custom machining of plastic enclosures for electronics. Let me show you, how we do the custom machining on a small plastic enclosure. The enclosure has a thin wall thickness. Therefore, it is important to fix it to the machine, without deforming it. Also, we must reduce vibration during the CNC milling. Our solution, is to …

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milling of plastic enclosures by CNC machine

Milling of plastic enclosures

Milling of plastic enclosures. It is perfectly possible to machine plastic enclosures out of a full block of material. More specific, this manufacturing process is suitable when the desired quantities are lower than the viable quantities for injection molding. Knowing that CNC machining will result in a more expensive unit cost, it is a fact …

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Aluminum enclosure off-shore manufacturing

Semi rugged aluminum enclosure

Manufacturing of a semi rugged enclosure for electronic equipment. In more than a decade we designed and manufactured dozens of rugged and semi-rugged enclosures. Equipement used in harsh environments require a different approach than household equipment, for example. First we are aware of the specific environmental specifications such as : EMI/EMC Shock and vibration IP …

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