In this section you can read our articles related to manufacturing. At Davantech we offer different manufacturing services :

Next to our services we make and sell a range of products :

  • Electronic enclosures : extruded | casted | milled
  • Locks
  • Temperature sensors – flow sensors
  • Mounting brackets and clamps
  • Control devices for electric wheelchairs
  • Spare-parts

Davantech is a full-service manufacturer and not a trading company. We offer manufacturing services and  engineering solutions. Outsourcing of product engineering and production has many benefits. As an international company we have offices in Belgium and China. The production factory is based in Dongguan, China. We focus on middle-sized orders and short lead times.

We are dedicated to build solid partnerships. Basically we provide flexible solutions for our customers’ success.

Our talented team is dedicated to deliver end-to-end product solutions. And we strive to do this at the lowest total cost. Our expertise is in design and engineering as well as components manufacturing and supply chain management services. Our range of solutions include the entire process to create a product :  from design, manufacturing processes, through the delivery. We develop customized solutions that drive product innovation, cost savings, supply chain efficiencies and improved time-to-market. We do this by understanding the unique complexity of each customer’s business.

Davantech is a One-Stop partner.