Precision Fixation and Mounting Elements

In the realm of industrial manufacturing, the production of high-quality precision fixation and mounting elements is crucial for ensuring the stability and functionality of various structures and devices. This informative text delves into the intricacies of manufacturing a comprehensive range of CNC machined clamps, swivels, brackets, and rods, all meticulously designed to mount rods of [...]

Manufacturing spare parts for electric AC motors

For different customers we fabricate a range of spare parts. In this article we specifically talk about manufacturing spare parts for electric AC motors. Our customers use those spare parts for the revision of AC electro motors. Most of the motors are installed in certified systems and as such can not be replaced with newer [...]

Stainless steel water tube fitting machining

We manufacture stainless steel water tube fittings in different sizes. Fittings have 1/2 and 3/4 inch thread ends. Materials used are stainless steel AISI 316L and AISI 314. We use CNC turning machines with automatic feeder to process the fittings. Fittings are used in water systems and gas systems.

Manufacturer of aluminum clamps and mounting brackets

Davantech is a leading manufacturer of aluminum clamps and aluminum mounting brackets, utilizing the latest CNC machining, punching and bending technology to ensure precision and accuracy in every product. Our manufacturing process begins with a consultation to understand the specific requirements of each project. Our team of experienced engineers will work closely with you to [...]

19 inch rack module 1u

Product details: Model number: D1001510 Product specifications: 482 * 1U-L (standard length L = 200mm, can be changed to your requirements) Surface treatment: Sand blast, Anodized or no treatment Colors in Stock: Black, No color Shell structure: Extruded aluminum and aluminum sheet Housing components: Front and rear 3mm panel + left stripe side panel + [...]

Fully customizable 19 inch rack mount module 1u

D1001417 - Fully customizable 19 inch rack mount module 1u. Product model: D1001417 Product specifications: 482 * 1U-L (without baffle thickness / length optional) Surface treatment: Sand blast Anodizing Colors in Stock: Black Shell structure: Sheet metal bottom, top cover and fully machined side, front and rear panel. Housing components: Front and rear 3mm panel [...]

CNC Machining Brass Parts

Brass, a mix of copper and zinc, is highly valued as raw material for CNC machining in many industries. Its toughness, low friction, and resistance to wear make it perfect for CNC machined brass parts. Brass is widely used for making precise components, especially in milling and turning. These parts are used in various applications [...]

Custom made magnetic connector

We designed and manufactured our latest custom made magnetic connector specifically for one of our customers. To clarify, it was our goal to implement a connector with magnets into an existing molded enclosure. At Davantech, we did what we do best: Think a solution. The result is an overmolded magnetic connector with 2 magnets and [...]