Custom made magnetic connector

We designed and manufactured our latest custom made magnetic connector specifically for one of our customers. To clarify, it was our goal to implement a connector with magnets into an existing molded enclosure. At Davantech, we did what we do best: Think a solution.

The result is an overmolded magnetic connector with 2 magnets and 3 pogo pins. In addition, using 2 magnets next to the contact zone of the pogo pins allows us to use bigger magnets. As such, we obtain a magnetic clamping force of 0.7 to 1 kilogram.

For this connector the overmolding happens in 2 cycles. In the first cycle, we mold the magnets and pogo pins with a harder PP to keep it in place. Next, we overmold the first assembly and the soldered cable. The result is a nicely shaped connector.

Magnetic connector design
Overmolding of magnetic connectors

Custom made magnetic connector manufacturing.

Overmolding is an injection molding process. More specific, we inject plastic around the wire and connector to create a single unit. Therefore, we place the cable assembly inside an injection mold. Next, we inject plastic around the cable and pogo pins. This plastic material usually is a soft TPE or TPU layer. However, in some cases we do several overmoldings with hard and soft plastic, to form a connector with a click, for instance. Manufacturing of overmolded cables is a specific process and requires good skills and experience.

The benefits of overmolding.

The process of overmolding has one main goal : durability and reliablity. Overmolding shields internal components. Next, it protects components and helps cable assemblies survive in harsh environments. Here are the benefits of overmolding your cable assemblies :

  • It provides resistance to abrasion and shock or impact.
  • Makes cable assemblies tamper-proof by encapsulating components beneath a sealed resin.
  • Provides a strain relief and increased pull strength together with flexibility at the molded end.
  • Creates water resistance or sealing to make a cable set waterproof.
  • Improve the overall quality, appearance and feel of cable assemblies.
  • Simplifies the installation by creating a connector assembly with keys to prevent from connecting in the wrong way.
  • A perfect way of assembly without screws or glue.

Customizing possibilities.

Another advantage of overmolding of electric cable assemblies is the level of customization that can be applied. While it is possible to overmold existing assemblies, we also create an unique product that perfectly meets the requirements of your application. To clarify, customizable components include:

  • Overmold color, which is strategically chosen to color code assemblies, complement brand colors, match the cable jacket or blend in with equipment.
  • Applying a logo or branding in the mold.
  • Adding flanges, which can be used at attachment points.
  • The design and shape.
  • The material used.

Engineering and production of overmolded cables

To continue, overmolding of custom made magnetic connectors is a specific manufacturing process. To clarify, this process requires skills and experienced engineers and machine operators. Moreover, we make very precise molds. Next, we add features in the mold to hold and position the part in the mold during overmolding.

At Davantech we master the overmolding process.

Overmolding of electric cables and contact pins to form a connector