CNC machining brass parts

Brass is a metal alloy consisting of copper and zinc. Some of the specifications of brass are its strong wear resistance its low friction coefficient and great corrosion resistance. In addition it is very suitable for CNC machining. All those properties make brass a perfect material for manufacturing CNC machining parts. Moreover, precision machined brass parts are of the widest used metal parts. Especially brass milling parts and brass turning parts. Components made of brass are valves, gas and water fittings, bearings, bushings, water pipes and components for radiators and air conditioners.

Chinese brass CNC machining parts supplier.

For those who are looking for an experienced and reliable manufacturer of brass machining parts, there is Davantech. We have over 10 years of CNC machining experience. In addition, we have the capability to fabricate simple as well as complex brass components which include high quality precision brass CNC milled components, brass CNC turned components and brass CNC lathing components. Nevertheless, we fabricate all metal components to meet your demands with state-of-the-art machinery and skilled operators. All CNC machined brass parts we fabricate are non-magnetic, easy to cast and they usually don’t need surface finishing. Brass parts made by Davantech are subject to our strict quality inspection regime with in-process inspection and a full final inspection.

brass machined components

Advantages of using brass components.

  • Brass components provide a tight sealing for fittings
  • Relatively low production cost
  • Brass parts are very strong and handle a lot of stress
  • Useable at high working temperatures
  • Easy material to cast and easy to machine
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Durable and long life

Applications for brass components:

Brass CNC machined components such as brass milling parts and brass turning parts, are used in a broad range of applications such as knobs, bearings, bushings and sleeves, gas and water fittings, hinges, fixation elements like nuts and bolts, gears and bells.