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Product assembly

We assemble products and sub-assemblies. The advantage is added value. In addition, we unburden our customers and let them save on indirect costs, labor cost and logistics. As a result, you get one price for 1 set.

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Our products

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In addition to our manufacturing services such as CNC machining and plastic injection molding and overmolding, we offer a range of mechanical products and accessories. Check out our aluminum enclosures for electronics and accessories. Contact us in case you have an inquiry for a custom made product.

CAD design of elctronic enclosure

Product engineering service

We are not only a product CNC machining and injection molding factory. As a matter of fact, we handle projects from idea, over manufacturing till shipping. More specific, our engineers handle the 3D design of parts and complete assemblies. Not to mention, they have many years of experience in mechanical engineering and manufacturing processes, as well. Thus, this includes the integration of components into an assembly, as well as knowledge about how to machine or mold a part. Furthermore, we make production drawings and assembling instructions. Next, We produce metal parts, plastic products and over moldings.

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Our advantage

+10 years of experience in manufacturing.

Our team has over 10 years of experience in different manufacturing processes. More specific, these processes are mainly CNC machining, plastic injection molding and overmolding. These different manufacturing skills enable us to produce a variety of products. In addition, we always find solutions to manufacture new and innovative products. Next, our plant covers more than 2000sqm. We have ISO9001:2015 certificate, RoHS and REACH. Thus, Davantech stands for on-time delivery and quality.

Davantech is an international company.

First of all, you get the benefits from Chinese flexibility and productivity. At the same time, our factory is managed well by an European and Chinese duo. Furthermore, you can meet us in Europe or in China. More specific, our manufacturing plant is based in China and we have a contact in Europe. This is perfect solution for outsourcing of your product manufacturing and engineering.

Strong at engineering.

As a CNC machining and injection molding factory, we are strong at engineering as well. To clarify, that is why engineering and 3D design are part of our service. As a result, we developed hundreds of parts and devices for many customers, over the last decade. There is a strong cooperation between our engineering divisions in Belgium and China. In this way, we offer good solutions in a short time.

Low volume manufacturing.

We understand that in the process of starting up a new business or product range, one needs to start slowly. In other words, it is clear that manufacturing of small volumes is essential to help our customers to get into business. Therefore, we produce CNC milling series starting at a few hundreds pieces. And, a few thousands pieces for plastic injection and overmolding.

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