CNC machining oil filter components

Custom oil filter machining parts

For several customers we produce custom oil filter machining parts. To clarify, we make the components from aluminum and brass. As you can see there are milled parts made with our CNC milling machines and turning products made on our CNC lathes. Next, to the machining of components we source seals, filter elements and screws in order to assemble the oil filter unit. Our customer receives a fully assembled filter unit. In this case a unit consists of an aluminum body, a filter with two brass filter holders, spring and seal. The unit is closed with a turned brass cover.

At Davantech, we make most of our machined components on 3-axis milling machines. Furthermore, we have 4-axis CNC machining centers to machine more complex components. All machines work around the clock in order to reach our factory output of thousands of part on monthly basis. Next to turning and milling we use reamers to make holes with a specific tolerance. We tap Metric threaded holes according to specification. Other thread standards are also possible.

Besides manufacturing of custom oil filter machining parts, we produce parts for a variety of industries. Parts manufactured in our production plant include machine parts, mounting brackets, electronic housings and spare-parts.

Our factory handles large volumes as well as small batch manufacturing. Feel free to ask a quotation for any custom made machining workpiece, with or without assembly. Our Assembly service unburdens your business. You can save on labor cost and overhead.