Milling on a 4-axis CNC machine

A 4th axis on a milling machine is a powerful addition to its capabilities. To clarify,  this extra rotation axis enables us to fabricate more complex parts. More specific, milling on a 4-axis CNC machine gives us the possibility to machine holes and cavities at different angles. In addition, we can mill components while they are continuously rotating.

Advantages of a 4-axis CNC milling setup.

  1. The biggest advantage is that it is possible to machine different sides of a part without having to reposition it on the milling machine. While the part is clamped to the rotating axis of the machine, it can rotate 360 degrees. In this way there is a reduction of the setup cost and total production time.
  2. As mentioned above, another advantage is that we produce more complex parts with a 4th axis.
CNC machining with a 4-axis milling machine

At Davantech, we are specialized in CNC milling and turning. Next to milling on 4-axis CNC machines,  we pay special attention to thread cutting and reaming. in Short, we master the entire process of fabricating metal and plastic components. We operate more than 20 cnc machines with 3 and 4 axis with whom we can process small volume as well as mass production.