Custom machining of plastic enclosures

How we do custom machining of plastic enclosures for electronics? Starting from an existing plastic enclosure and knowing the enclosure has a thin wall thickness, it is important to take some measures before starting this job.

Therefore, it is important to fix it to the machine, without deformation. Also, we must reduce vibration during the CNC milling. Our solution, is to place the plastic part into an aluminum shell, to hold it and protect it. This aluminum shell, ensures the correct mounting to the machine. In this way, the milled holes are always at the precise location.

The cutting tool rotates at a high speed, in order to machine this plastic part with a nice finish. First, we machine roughly. Then, with another mill, we finish the edges. This, is the perfect way to manufacture small batches of electronic enclosures.

From 500 pieces it would be economically more interesting to make an injection mold. Initial production time is a little longer because there is the production time needed to make the mold.

Next to machining plastic enclosures we also machine a broad range of custom metal components as well as plastic components. These components find their application in numerous products. From electronic products to mechanical assemblies. We fabricate custom machined parts starting from 10 pieces to as many our customers require.

Davantech supports its customers with fast response for quotations and production. As a result, our company is growing steadily. That is why we expand our machine shop while investing in more CNC machinery. We have 3- and 4-axis machines with whom we are able to produce 85% of all requested custom machining parts. High precision milling and turning is what we do best. After machining, custom made components come with a measuring report.

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custom machining plastic enclosure