Semi rugged aluminum enclosure

The manufacturing of semi-rugged enclosures for electronic equipment has been a focal point for our company for over a decade. During this time, we have successfully designed and produced numerous rugged and semi-rugged enclosures. It is important to note that equipment intended for use in harsh environments requires a distinct approach compared to household equipment.

We prioritize understanding the specific environmental specifications that govern such equipment. These include considerations such as EMI/EMC, shock and vibration resistance, IP rating, resistance to salt fog, rapid decompression, NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical), and thermal management.

Specifications of Semi-Rugged Electronics Housings

Rugged and semi-rugged enclosures must meet more stringent specifications. Drawing from our ten years of experience in designing Rugged LCD displays for avionics, ships, and vehicles, we are adept at creating solutions tailored to customers with more complex requirements beyond basic housing needs.

Are you in need of an aluminum enclosure suited for offshore or vehicular use? Or perhaps you require a custom-made plastic enclosure engineered to withstand shock and UV radiation? Simply reach out to us via email or phone. We will thoroughly assess your requirements and devise a robust design solution to meet your needs.

We always take in account specific environmental specifications such as :

  • Shock and vibration
  • IP rating
  • Salt fog
  • Rapid decompression
  • NBC
  • Thermal management
Semi rugged aluminum enclosures
Rugged customizable enclosure with cover

Customizable Rugged aluminum enclosure IP68 with air vent

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We offer this fully customizable rugged Enclosure including all parts:

  • Housing
  • Cover + 4 Stainless steel captive screws
  • Seal
  • Air Vent

Standard extruded aluminum enclosures.

We specialize in crafting standard extruded aluminum enclosures, utilizing precision extruded components. More specific, these components form a complete set comprising front and rear plates. While purchasing these enclosures online or from local stores is convenient, they often come pre-anodized. Our range includes split case and single case extruded housings.

Alternatively, some ready-made enclosures are constructed from molded or cast aluminum. However, these off-the-shelf enclosures are not tailored to accommodate your electronic PCB, imposing several limitations. Consequently, adaptation of the aluminum housing to suit your electronics becomes necessary. To clarify, this task is typically carried out using our milling machines, followed by anodizing or powder coating as required.

Limited Freedom of Design with Standard Enclosures

Unfortunately, such enclosures offer little flexibility in terms of shape and design, with fixed dimensions that may not be optimal for your electronics. While standard enclosures serve well for small series production, they do not incur the cost of mold manufacturing.

At Davantech, we distinguish ourselves by manufacturing our own aluminum extrusions, ensuring greater control over the fabrication process. Our extrusions come untreated, allowing us to conduct CNC machining to precise specifications. Moreover, we offer surface finishing options such as sandblasting and brushing, in addition to anodizing and powder coating, providing a comprehensive solution tailored to your needs.

extruded aluminum electronic casing
Customized extruded aluminum casing

Fully customized rugged enclosures.

Davantech specializes in crafting custom aluminum enclosures tailored to your exact specifications.

Our custom-made aluminum rugged enclosures offer a plethora of possibilities. For example, we meticulously design the shape and form to meet your preferences. This allows us to incorporate all desired features seamlessly into the design. Moreover, we strategically determine the optimal placement of connectors and ventilation holes, ensuring functionality and durability. LED indicators and fixation points are integrated with the same attention to detail. There exists a symbiotic relationship between the development of the electronic PCB and the housing design. Once the design phase is complete, the result is a meticulously engineered unit that meets your needs with precision.

Some custom-made aluminum housings adhere to established standards, such as the 19″ rack or 24″ Rack. Conversely, other enclosures offer complete freedom of design, allowing for truly bespoke solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

Designing rugged enclosures.

We design aluminum enclosures and follow the requirements of our customers. As a result, we choose the appropriate production technique by evaluation of those requirements.

  • Cost.
  • Environmental specifications : shock, vibration and IP-rating.
  • Standards such as 19 inch rack.
  • Surface treatment.

Davantech offers the following types of aluminum enclosures:

  • CNC milling, starting from a block of aluminum.
  • Extruded aluminum housing.
  • Injection molding or casting.
  • forging and CNC milling.
  • Sheetmetal.
Fully customizable 19 inch rack module 1U
design and manufacturing of aluminum casing

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