laser engraving on anodized aluminum parts

How removing an anodized layer from aluminum

As we are specialized in CNC machining of aluminum enclosures, there are 2 reasons why we remove the anodized layer from anodized parts. The first reason is the application of text and symbols. Where we used silk screening and tampon printing in the past, we will now often use laser engraving. Furthermore, there are several advantages to use laser engraving. More specific, we don’t have to make a frame or tools and there is no ink required. In addition, applying laser etching text and symbols is fast. A disadvantage is that the text and symbols can only have the blank aluminum color. However, in most cases that is just fine.

The second important reason to remove the anodized layer from aluminum parts is EMI/EMC. To clarify, anodizing of aluminum reduces the electrical transmission. Therefore, it is important to remove the anodizing in those areas where we want to obtain a good shielding between 2 aluminum parts of an electronic enclosure. There are two options: one is laser engraving whether the second option is remove the anodized layer on a milling machine. Again, laser engraving is the fastest and cheapest solution.

how to remove an anodized layer from aluminum

Laser engraving machines have a powerful laser. The beam of the laser creates high heat to vaporize the material where the laser beam points to. The laser moves in 2 directions with high accuracy. Furthermore, the depth of the laser beam can be adjusted.

Laser engraved can also be applied to metal parts, plastic parts and even stone and glass. Even without a coating or treated surface we can create text and symbols on one of those materials.