How does Davantech ensure quality ?

At Davantech, quality and customers satisfaction comes first. First of all, we follow our ISO9001:2015 procedures throughout the entire process from order over manufacturing to shipping. Next, we determine tolerances and accuracy based on the customers information. This information is delivered to us in the form of production drawings and 3D files. Next, we inform you when we see indications that there could be a problem to produce your product. Furthermore, we suggest how to improve the design for better manufacturing.  Manufacturing is also an interaction between us and the customer. That is how Davantech ensures quality ?

Follow up during production.

Each part is followed up during the manufacturing process (CNC machining). Our Quality engineers always make a measuring report. In many cases we ship one or two production samples from the entire batch to our customer for acceptance. When accepted it means the entire batch is good to ship. We will rework or start over in case there is a non-conformity. It is our responsibility to deliver good products. For large production series and assembled products or devices it is better for you to come over and sign-off the product. In this way we are both certain that the goods are conform the specification before shipping.