How can Davantech offer a variety of manufacturing services?

Are you wondering how can Davantech offer a variety of manufacturing services? More specific, how can we offer CNC machining and combine the parts through product assembly?

Our business started back in 2010 where we only sourced parts and products. Because of our good cooperation with a Dutch product development company we started to assemble products. We had to get our small to mid-sized production orders done at large factories who were only interested in large production orders. They did not really care about quality and timing. As a result, we started buying injection machines, milling machines and turning machines in order to have full control over the manufacturing process as well as the quality control.  We don’t only want to take mass production orders. Davantech’s intention is to offer the best solutions for its customers. Today we are still expanding the possibilities in manufacturing techniques and capacity. We use the large supply chain in Dongguan to source smaller components which require specific machinery. All the rest we tent to do it our self.

Our philosophy is : what you do by yourself you do it better !