Is there a minimum order quantity at Davantech?

No. We don’t have a minimum order quantity for CNC machining. However, the order quantity directly influences the cost of manufacturing. Startup-costs, overhead and manufacturing costs increase the price of small series. The larger the series the better we can improve and maintain the manufacturing process and quality. Davantech is not the average mass production factory. We have always seen the potential of startups and small business’s. Because they have the potential to grow. Therefore we will evaluate each request and produce even smaller to mid size series. Our business model is based on long term cooperation where trust and support are key factors.

Productions of 1 to 20 parts is considered as a prototype series. 20 to 500 pieces is a small series. 500 – 10 000 pieces are medium series. Above 10 000 pieces is mass production.

On the other hand, we require a minimum of 1000 pieces for plastic injection molding and overmolding. Else it would not justify the production of the molds involved.