Why would I outsource manufacturing to China ?

If your company faces high labor costs or high overhead costs. You can chose outsourcing your manufacturing to China. However, there are more benefits for having your products made in a company like Davantech. We should mention the fast response time for quotations and starting up the production. In addition we have skilled and motivated workers who work 10 hours per day. It is our intention to process your products faster, cheaper and at a better quality. Outsourcing is always a great option when you have labor-intensive products, or when they require a repetitive production processes. Also, if you need to expand your manufacturing capacity but cannot justify the costs immediately. Lastly, outsourcing is an option if you want to produce your component with different materials without incurring large-scale prototyping costs. For all these circumstances, however, China factories can provide various cost-effective options. Molds and toolings made in China often costs less than 30 to 50% compared to overseas manufacturing.

Are you asking yourself: why would I outsource manufacturing to China? We explain here what the benefits are for your business.