What about intellectual property ?

We are very strict about intellectual property. Because it is a very serious matter. Since the foundation of Davantech we are a trustworthy supplier. Signing a Non Disclosure Agreement or NDA is very common for us. And we respect that. It would be impossible to be in the business for product engineering and product assembling if we do not respect our customers IP. We are a factory with Belgian and Chinese values. There is no problem of IP when manufacturing parts. Our workers and our sub-contractors have no interest in copying parts. Hence they don’t know what the parts are used for. Products are assembled in our factory. Only our management knows the purpose of most products and they are all bound to respecting the IP of our customers. It has to be said that new products which are manufactured in small to middle sized series don’t show the potential to be copied. Next, we help our customers to apply for Patents and Utility models in China. As a result,  it would be impossible for other factories to produce and export the products. You don’t have to worry when you work with Davantech.