Milling on a 4-axis CNC machine

Manufacturing services

Located in Dongguan, China (the factory of the world), Davantech’s component manufacturing services in China include a broad range of fabrication processes. We are specialized in different aspects of the machining of metal parts and plastic components, electrical cables and connectors, mechanical and electronic assemblies. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask a quote or a trial order.

Our commitment:

  • We fabricate small as well as large series.
  • We offer solutions, including engineering and CAD.
  • Fast turnaround times.
  • Narrow tolerance on machined parts.
  • Extensive Quality Control with measuring reports.

Our services:

  • CNC machining includes milling and turning (plastic as well as metal parts).
  • Aluminum extrusion milling up to 4 meters.
  • Metal processing included reaming, tapping, chamfering.
  • Aluminum forging, extrusion and casting.
  • Sheet metal punching and stamping.
  • Surface finishes: sand blasting, brushing, anodizing, Nickle plating, powder coating and wet paint.
  • Text and symbols are applied via laser engraving and silk screening.
  • Overmolding of metal pins and electrical cables.
  • Product assembly.

Here is an overview of products we fabricate:

CNC machining services in China

During more than a decade, our international customers have trusted our component manufacturing services in China. As a Chinese factory we proved our capabilities in the field of component manufacturing.