Manufacturing spare parts for electric AC motors

For different customers we fabricate a range of spare parts. In this article we specifically talk about manufacturing spare parts for electric AC motors. Our customers use those spare parts for the revision of AC electro motors. Most of the motors are installed in certified systems and as such can not be replaced with newer motor types. We are talking about motors used in nuclear power plants, for example. For this reason the spare parts must be identical to the original parts. We fabricate all components according to the original drawings. Many of them date from the end of the 1960’s. Delivery includes material test reports.

Spare-parts for electric AC motors include: ventilators, plastic covers, terminal blocks and contact boxes.

Manufacturing processes used:


Based on old manually crafted drawings, we make 3D models of the spare ventilators. These 3D models are necessary in order to make an mold in the shortest possible time. Nowadays it would be impossible to make a mold in an efficient way when only 2D drawings are available.

Material used for fan blades is usually PA66 reinforced with glass fibers.

Terminal blocks

Terminal blocks are specific in such a way that they require insert molding. In other words, we mold the brass or copper threaded inserts into the plastic part.

Contact boxes

The contact boxes are also made with injection molds. Similar to the other spare parts, we start from old drawings, or we measure existing samples in order to make 3D models.

3D modeling and CAD services

For correct spare parts manufacturing for electric AC motors we make first make 3D models. Our design engineers have a lot of experience in designing plastic parts, metal parts and product assemblies. Therefore, we offer engineering support to our customers. Including 3D design of parts and assemblies.

Design of plastic spare parts
3D modelling of a fan for AC motor
3D model of a contact block with over-molded brass inserts