CNC machining of large aluminum parts

We do the CNC machining of large aluminum parts on one of our milling centers with an active range of 4 meters. It means that we are capable of machining parts that are maximum 4 meters long. The maximum width is 400 millimeters In addition we guarantee tolerances of +/-0.05mm.

Usually we use extruded aluminum to fabricate long parts. The benefit of aluminum extrusion is that there is only little loss of raw material due to the CNC machining. The disadvantage is that the design of the product is limited to the section of the extrusion. Nevertheless, this is a very common way to fabricate aluminum frames and LED lighting fixtures, among other products.

The picture shows aluminum extruded and milled parts used to fabricate LED lighting fixtures.

CNC machining is one of the manufacturing services we offer. Therefore, we have over 20 milling and turning machines in our workshop.

CNC machining of large aluminum parts
we fabricate large CNC machined aluminum parts

Product manufacturing: CNC machining.

Davantech is and ISO 9001:2015 certified product manufacturing company. To clarify, we specialize in precision milling and turning. More specific, with our CNC machining centers, we provide precision CNC machining of metal as well as plastic components. Therefore, we utilize state of the art milling centers and CNC turning machines, and a big part of the mills are high-speed. Most milling machines have 3-axis control. In addition, we also have 4-axis and 5-axis machining centers. Feel free to visit our plant and you will see our latest equipment for milling and turning.

In Addition, we also offer a variety of other manufacturing services as well. Our activities cover the entire production process of numerous components, from product development till fabrication. In addition, we have brand new machinery to tackle conventional milling, drilling, turning and reaming, as well as grinding and deburring. Once we finish the fabrication, our quality department inspects, makes a measuring report and releases the part. Finally, we pack the goods for shipping. Our production area fabricates runs of 10 000 pieces or more per order. Even if it needs special processing or assembly, our skilled team takes care of your project from concept to production. To clarify, our machining department has already delivered millions of parts to a broad range of industries world wide.

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