Davantech at the canton fair

Davantech at the 121st Canton Fair 2017

Davantech was present at the 121st Canton fair in 2017. As planned, we attended the fair from 15 till 19 April. The mission of our sales team was to show the capabilities of Davantech as a manufacturing and engineering company. More specific, it was important for us to promote our CNC machining service and injection overmolding service. As a result, we got the attention of the visitors with our booth. It was a very good experience and we want to thank the many visitors.

Davantech: CNC machining and overmolding factory.

First of all, Davantech is a fast growing CNC machining and plastic overmolding factory. In addition, we offer product assembly services to unburden our customers. Our main manufacturing capabilities are CNC machining, including milling, turning, wire cutting, reaming and tapping. Thereby, our factory is Belgian (Europe) – Chinese owned. To clarify, activities started in 2010 as a cooperation between a Belgian product development company and a Chinese assembly company. As a result, we formed an international business and provided already thousands of custom made parts to customers around the globe.

Why one-stop service is an advantage?

We offer engineering experience, combined with Chinese flexible and low cost manufacturing and assembly services. Our goal is to offer a one-stop service from 3D design over manufacturing to Shipping.

Usually, our customers are medium sized companies active in niche markets as well as start-ups. It has to be said, we are a good partner because these customers only have to talk to one supplier during the entire trajectory of a product development. This has several advantages. First of all, it reduced the number of different suppliers to communicate with and to follow up. Second, there is no language barrier and no cultural differences. Still, you benefit from the advantages that China offers in terms of cheap and very efficient manufacturing.

Davantech at the 121st Canton Fair 2017 was a good experience. See you next time.

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