How designing an electronic enclosure ?

Do you want assistance with how designing an electronic enclosure ?

At Davantech, we are not only designing custom made electronic casings. In brief we also manufacture the enclosures that we design. That is a benefit for our customers. Design and manufacturing done by just one partner.

The advantage is that we have different proven solutions to make electronic enclosures. Whether you need a plastic or a metal casing. We have the experience to integrate electronic components, PCB’s, cooling fans, power supplies and more. Depending on your budget we will propose the most economic solution. there are different options :

  • Plastic injection
  • CNC milling of plastic
  • CNC milling of aluminum
  • Casting of aluminum : sand casting, injection or Pressing.
  • Extrusion of aluminum
  • Sheetmetal casings laser cutting, punshing and bending

A standard off-the shelf aluminum enclosure.

We make standard aluminum enclosures with extruded parts, for instance. Those extruded parts form a set with a front and a rear plate. Buying these housings online or in the local shop is easy. However,  these enclosures are often already anodized. We have split case and single case extruded housings. Another type of ready-made housings is made of molded or casting aluminum. As a result these enclosures are not made to fit your electronic PCB. Unfortunatelly, they have many restrictions.

  • You have to adapt the aluminum housing to your electronics. Usually we use our milling machines to do this job. After the milling process we have to anodize or powder coat again.
  • There is no freedom in shape and design.
  • Dimensions are fixed and they are not optimal to your electronics.

A standard enclosure is a good solution for small series. One of the reasons is that you don’t have the cost of a mold.

Davantech has its own aluminum extrusions. The extrusions have no surface treatment. We do the CNC machining of the aluminum parts. Hence, we offer sandblasting and brushing as a surface finish as well as anodizing and powder coating.

extruded aluminum enclosure CNC milling
Deisgn and manufacturing of an aluminum enclosure for electronics
extruded aluminum project box

A custom made aluminum electronic casing.

Davantech makes your custom aluminum enclosure conform your specifications.

Custom made aluminum enclosures give you many possibilities. For instance, we design your desired shape and form. As a result, we can add all possible features to the design. In addition we determine the optimal position of connectors and ventilation holes. LED indicators and fixation points are implemented similarly. There is an interaction between the development of the electronic PCB and the design of the housing. Once the design is ready, the result is a well engineered unit.

Some custom made aluminum housings are designed following a standard. This standard can be 19″ rack or 24″ Rack. Other housings have total freedom of design.

Designing and manufacturing of an aluminum housing.

We design aluminum enclosures and follow the requirements of our customers. As a result, we choose the appropriate production technique by evaluation of those requirements.

  • Cost.
  • Environmental specifications : shock, vibration and IP-rating.
  • Standards such as 19 inch rack.
  • Surface treatment.

Davantech offers the following types of aluminum enclosures:

  • CNC milling, starting from a block of aluminum.
  • Extruded aluminum housing.
  • Injection molding or casting.
  • Pressing and CNC milling.
  • Sheetmetal.
Product engineering and CAD of a 19" Rack module
Aluminum housing for Raspberry Pi

Contact us with your requirement for your aluminum electronic casing.

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CNC milling with LV850 milling machine
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Davantech is a reliable partner for product engineering as well as manufacturing. As a matter of fact, we know well How designing an electronic enclosure.  We design and produce parts and devices. Davantech started in 2010 as a cooperation between a Belgian product development company and a Chinese assembling company. This is the perfect match for those customers who want to focus on what they do best: Think new and innovative products and bring them to market.