How we machine aluminum mounting brackets

Check this video, about machining aluminum mounting brackets. In brief, our customers use these brackets to hang large electric window blinds. It requires machining two sides in order to fabricate this product. To speed up the work, we mill the two surfaces on different machines. After finishing one side, we immediately process the second surface on the next machine. It has to be said that we use fast moving CNC milling centers. In addition, the cutting tools rotate at a high speed. Next, there are 24 tools in the tool chamber with rapid tool change. We inspect quality after the machining of the product. We measure the important dimensions and check the overall finish of the product. At the end, we anodize the brackets. Next, we assemble the stainless steel plate and cover plate.

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Like this video about machining aluminum mounting brackets, if you want.

About Davantech: CNC machining factory

As an international company, Davantech’s factory is located in Dongguan, China. We also have an office in Belgium for those customers who want to discus specific projects. Initially, our activities were product design and outsourcing. Very fast we invested in machinery and people in order to handle the growing demand for custom parts manufacturing and assembly. Next to CNC turning, CNC milling and CNC machining in general, we also provide overmolding services and product assembly.

We are driven to find technical solutions and to fabricate simple as well as complex components.

Our skilled team of machine operators, assembly personnel, quality controllers and office staff are motivated to bring customer relations to a higher level.

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Davantech acts as a One-Stop partner for product manufacturing and product engineering. This means you only have to talk to us to get your product idea designed and fabricated. Imagine the cost reduction and reduced project time. Pay less for labor and overhead.