Plastic CNC milling

CNC milling of plastic parts is an alternative to 3D printing and injection molding. In addition, we us this manufacturing process for production of smaller series of plastic parts. Milled plastic components are stronger than 3D prints and have a better functionality. Because of the smaller quantity, the unit cost is higher than an injection molded product. However, there is no investment of a injection mold. Commonly used materials are ABS, PA66 or Nylon, POM and PP. Milling of a plastic parts starts from a block of raw material. For our plastic machining service, we usually use 3 to 4-axis milling machines to produce simple as well as complex plastic components. Therefore, the cutting tools, also called mills, are rotating at a high speed. And, machining of plastic also requires cooling.

When following some basic rules, we can make thin walls and curved shapes without a problem. We machine thin walls up to 1mm thickness. To obtain curved surfaces we use ball end mills. Th ball end mill makes a lot of passes where each pass only removes a little material.

Machined plastic parts include spare-parts, electronic enclosures, machine components and all kinds of high-tech components. In addition, we make a lot of machined plastic prototypes. Milled prototypes look a bit different than their injection molded counter parts, but you get the result faster.

The video below shows CNC milling of a product in PA66 with glass fiber reinforcement.

Plastic CNC machining including design advice.

At Davantech, we are more than a plastic components manufacturer with plastic CNC milling services. More specific, next to our plastic machining services, we also advice our customers on how to design their products in a cost-efficient way. And not to mention, we give feedback on better producibility of the parts. Therefore, we come up with the best solutions to make products in the most cost effective way.


CNC milling of plastic parts from a full block of material

CNC machining

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