How to find the right CNC machining supplier in China?

When searching for low costs CNC machining factories with fast turnaround times, you will certainly find a lot of Chinese CNC machining service providers. It has to be said that they are common choice for those companies looking to outsource their machining parts manufacturing. To clarify, outsourcing CNC machining to China is a crucial step for many product engineers, because few other countries can match China in terms of cost and efficiency.

However, to find the right supplier for CNC machining in China is often very difficult. There are a lot of Chinese CNC machining factories to choose from, and communication is in general more challenging than it is with local suppliers. In addition there are the differences in currency, quality standards, and intellectual property laws.

Furthermore, there are numerous websites such as Alibaba and Made-in-china, where you can find hundreds of suppliers. But, be aware that many of the registered companies have no machinery and thus they can be cataloged as traders. To make things simpler, we provide you with some tips in case you want to find a good CNC milling services provider in China.

CNC machining of aluminum parts

Outsourcing CNC machining to a trustworthy supplier.

Companies all over the world, whether they are small or large, outsource at least a part of their components fabrication. For prototypes, pre-series and mass production, many companies choose to have their CNC machined parts made by a Chinese CNC machining company. Moreover, it does not make sense for small or medium-size companies, to invest in their own machinery. In addition, there is also the need of skilled programmers and operators, which are not always available.

Even CNC machining might be less of an art than manual machining, it still requires knowledge and lots of experience to have the machining job done in the right way.

Why outsourcing CNC machining to China?

In the last decades, Chinese machining factories adapted to mass production of high precision quality parts manufacturing. And, along the way they became experts in the field of component manufacturing. The Chinese factory output and export to the rest of the world is a proof of their success.

Still, China offers the most efficient and competitive manufacturing of components available today. In addition, upscaling of the machining capacity has driven the costs further down. And in most cases, because of the huge number of CNC machining factories in China, many factories use Chinese made CNC machines in combination with Western machinery. Furthermore, nothing can be compared to the large supply chain of raw materials, machine parts, cutting tools in China.

However, you have to be aware that every part makes sense to be manufactured in China. Simple parts, which are heavy, don’t have that much added value when being CNC machined in China. In addition, the shipping cost adds a lot to the unit cost. And, those shipping costs increased drastically in the last year.

There is a bigger advantage to outsource production of medium size series, where no automation is involved. Also, machined features which can be done by hand add to low cost. Think of deburring, chamfering, reaming, assembly.

cnc machining in China is a good choice for outsourcing

How to find a CNC machining company in China?

First there is the internet. In your search of finding the right CNC machining supplier in China, there are plenty of factories on the first pages of the internet and also on B2B websites. The first step is checking the information provided by the machining factories. In a few steps you will know already a lot more about the potential partners to choose from. Among all tips, the utmost important is to visit the factory and get an impression of who they are, how they communicate and how they work. The final step is to ask quotations and compare the prices of the factories.

What is important when choosing in partner in China ?


The basic certification is ISO9001:2015. However it is also important to cooperate with a supplier that meets the RoHS and REACH standards.

Manufacturing capabilities.

Verify what can be done in one factory. It is important to centralize your manufacturing to a minimum of suppliers. In this way you have to follow up less suppliers, and the communication is easier. The result is that you build up a long term relationship which can only benefit your business.

At Davantech, we have from small to large machines. Our standard 3 axis CNC milling centers have a range of 850×600 millimeters. Next, we have large CNC machines for lengths up to 4 meter. We also use 5 axis machines and CNC turning machines. Several types of conventional processing machines are used for drilling, tapping, removing burrs and reaming.

Quality control management.

Quality control is very important. Following our ISO9001:2015 standards we follow a strict quality control system. With checks throughout the production and measuring reports for each production batch.