What could outsourcing of production mean for my business ?

It could mean a lot to your business and there are benefits. Outsourcing of manufacturing to China is not about cheap labor anymore. There is a lot more involved these days.

Have you thought about outsourcing the manufacturing of parts ? And in addition fully assembled products? As you know there are some strong benefits related to outsourcing of production, for example. Davantech is specialized in taking production orders of parts and assemblies.

Read below what the 10 benefits of outsourcing manufacturing to Davantech are and What could outsourcing of production mean for my business ?

Product assembly is part of outsourcing of production

1. Indirect Cost Savings.

Outsourcing provides significant cost savings. Above all when considering all the indirect costs associated with the procurement of all the components that go into building a product. Furthermore there is less stock management of the raw parts and finished goods in the facility. Consequently you save on record keeping management, management of the production team , facility, and quality control costs. At Davantech, we help our customer realize direct cost savings by added value. One assembly equals one cost , delivered in its final packing.

2. Reduce Opportunity Costs.

Non-core products in a facility reduce the ability to provide core products that customers expect in time. Outsourcing to Davantech allows our customers’ internal resources to focus exclusively on their core business. Essentially you can focus on what you do best. Let us take care of the rest.

3. Strong Quality Management.

Our customer need to be highly selective when choosing a contract manufacturer. Our ISO 9001:2015 quality management certifications guaranteed the highest level of customer satisfaction and quality. These international standards ensure that every aspect of a contract manufacturer’s business is well-run. This includes key processes, management roles and responsibilities. Above that it included documentation, customer satisfaction, employee training, production, service and internal audits. We have RoHS and REACH analysis on over 50 parts and assemblies.

4. Efficient and reliable Supply Chain.

Outsourcing the supply chain allows our customer to benefit from our skilled procurement experts. Our staff have hundreds of suppliers in all fields of the industry. Furthermore, you gain access to our extensive supplier networks. In this way we provide additional opportunities to establish new supplier relationships.

5. Fast Delivery.

We provide parts and assemblies to our customers fast. In short we combine our in-house machining and assembling capabilities. And on top of that we call in our network of suppliers. As a result we are able to provide the resources that our customer needs fast. And in their turn they are able to accelerate the product time to market.

6. Availability of Service.

Our lean manufacturing processes can offer quality when in-house skills can be a challenge to obtain. Additionally, there may be times when certain manufacturing processes are not strategic for the client’s company vision. Davantech can supplement their existing staff and skills, thereby becoming a seamless extension of your business.

7. Expertise.

High quality products can be secured by outsourcing from specialized contract manufacturers like Davantech OEM. We work at a a higher level of efficiency and performance. Outsourcing to us allows our customer to take advantage of industry expertise and innovation, reducing their overall bottom line. They also realize the benefit of our Design for Manufacturing services.

8. Temporary Flexibility and Scale.

Outsourcing provides the ability to increase or reduce output in response to changes in market demand. Sometimes our customers face a short term demand that exceeds current production rates. Likewise outsourcing to Davantech provides increased capacity to maintain responsiveness and avoid increased lead time. Hence we can quickly add personnel or call our sub-contractors.

9. People and Processes.

Employees are our most valuable asset. Our clients hire us for our people and processes. In particular, our rapid growth requires continual focus on hiring manufacturing and engineering talent. Moreover we need both the technical and soft skills. And in addition it gives us employees that are the right fit for our team.

10. Ease of Entry.

Partnering with a contract manufacturer like Davantech serves as a low cost point of entry for new businesses and startups. first of all companies are free to experiment and innovate within their allocated budgets. We strive to long-term business relationships. Nevertheless this enables us to be more flexible towards our customers.

Outsourcing manufacturing to China
Quality control at Davantech for outsourcing of manufacturing to China
Outsourcing manufacturing to Davantech in China has a few benefits

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