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Welcome in our assembly department. Today we assemble battery housings for electric bicycles. To clarify, all the products we assemble are custom made for each specific customer. As a result, at Davantech, we assemble a broad range of mechanical and electronic products.

We offer added value.

As you know, among other products, we manufacture electronic enclosures made of plastic and metal. Next, we mount PCB’s, cables, connectors and other components. This is an advantage for our customers. Because, we reduce their overhead cost as well as the investments in machinery and space. In addition, transportation of assembled products come at the same cost as transporting empty enclosures.

We deliver finished or pre-assembled products at the same shipping cost of an empty enclosure. Do you see the benefit ?

Components fabrication and assembly.

At Davantech, we fabricate most components in-house. Therefore we use injection molding machines as well as CNC milling centers, overmolding machines, and the equipment to make electric cables. We outsource the components to our trusted suppliers when we cannot make them our selves. As you can see, there are a number of different components needed in order to assemble this battery housing. Next to the injection molded plastic parts, we need electric wires with shrinked contacts and connectors. Further, we need rubber parts for sealing and covering the charging connector. We connect custom made contacts for the output power to the pre-installed wires. We fix those wires with a self adhesive foam layer. Next, we glue an embossed label over the on-off button and LED indicators.

The only task for our customer, is to install the battery cells and close the battery pack. In this way, customers focus on their core business.
Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us when you have products to be manufactured and assembled. Send us an email at
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Watch this : Product assembly