Ultrasonic welding of plastic parts

It is perfectly possible to weld 2 plastic parts. Therefore we use an ultrasonic welding machine. The principle of this welding process is we let one of the parts vibrate at ultrasonic speed. Next, the touching surfaces of the 2 parts are liquefied by heat. That heat is generated by this vibration. As a result the two plastic parts melt together and form a solid assembly.

At Davantech ultrasonic welding is often used to assemble plastic parts with a different level of complexity. In some cases we would face a lot of fall out in production in case we make one complex single part. Therefore we split up the product in an easy to produce part. The complex part is made separately. Hence it is possible to control the quality better on a smaller complex part. After quality control we can weld the 2 parts.

The extra cost of the ultrasone welding process and tools needed is won back by reduced defects after production.

Note that this way of welding implements certain design features in your plastic parts.