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Milling of long extruded aluminum parts

A glimpse on our CNC machining workshop

A glimpse on our CNC machining workshop. 16 CNC milling machines are working around the clock. Parts of medium size up to 4 meters long are manufactured at high precision at Davantech. 1 operator controls several machines in order to work in an efficient way. OUr team is skilled and dedicated to get things done. Request for inquiry CNC turning and milling of...

Custom machining by Davantech

Custom machining

Davantech is a professional factory for CNC milling services. We are located in Europe and our factory is based in Dongguan, China since 2012. We also provide product engineering. Our factory covers an area of over 1000 square meters. We obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification in 2018. One of our specialties is CNC turning, CNC milling and CNC machining. Surface finish...