Surface treatment

Surface treatment and coatings

Variety of surface treatments and coatings :

Surface roughness :

  • Machining
  • Sand blasting
  • Polishing
  • EDM finish

Coatings and plating

  • Powder coating and wet paint
  • Anodising : Black, natural, color anodising
  • Zinc plating
  • Plating : Nikkel and Chrome

Silk screening and tampon printing

Text and symbols printed on your plastic or metal parts :

  • Silk screening
  • Tampon printing
  • Laser
  • UV printing

Many parts need a surface layer after manufacturing. Products made of different materials require a different treatment. In addition, the surface treatment has a specific purpose. It is intended to make the product look nicer. We use powder coating or wet paint, for example. Another reason to apply treatment is to prevent the part from corroding. In this case there are anodizing, Nickle plating and zinc plating. In the case of plastic parts we usually apply a coating to make the part look beautiful or to camouflage imperfections due to the injection molding process.