Rubber and silicone parts

Rubber and silicone parts.

At Davantech we produce many different silicone rubber products. Because we have the technical capabilities to provide a broad range of  engineered solutions. Those products include extrusions, moldings, gaskets, inflatable seals, sheeting, hoses and bellows.

Silicone-rubber is an incredible compound with outstanding performance in lots of different areas. This makes it a very versatile material. As a result we use silicone rubber for products in almost every industry.

Silicone rubber keypads.

Rubber and silicone parts :

We development and produce rubber-silicone keypads. Colored in the material or transparent with printing of text and symbols. Finished with a adhesive layer.

Manufacturing of silicone rubber keypads
TPE bushing for fuel tank

Molding of  TPE : soft and flexible parts

We use vertical injection machines of 20T, 30T and 45T. With those machines we produce products made of TPE, TPR and soft PVC

These materials are commonly used for manufacturing of bushings, toys , seals and overmoldings.

Davantech is a Duch full-service manufacturer. Namely we offer engineering and manufacturing solutions. It is obvious that outsourcing of product engineering and production has many benefits. As an international company we have offices in Belgium and China coupled with our production factory in Dongguan, China. We focus on middle-sized orders and short lead times.

We are dedicated to build solid partnerships. Basically we provide flexible solutions for our customers’ success.

Our talented team is dedicated to deliver end-to-end product solutions. And we strive to do this at the lowest total cost. Our expertise is in design and engineering as well as components manufacturing and supply chain management services. Our range of solutions include the entire process to create a product :  from design, manufacturing processes, through the delivery. Development of customized solutions that drive product innovation, cost savings, supply chain efficiencies and improved time-to-market. We do this by understanding the unique complexity of each customer’s business.

Davantech is the perfect partner to manufacture your custom made products in China.