D1001435 – Electronic module housing standard 63W25H75L

Check how this electronic project box is made. It is suitable for your custom electronics. In addition it is perfectly designed. The set included all screws to mount the covers. Next, this enclosure comes in different colors. Custom made milling patterns are possible.


100 $4.24/pc
250 $3.82/pc
500 $3.43/pc
1000 $3.05/pc


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D1001435 – Aluminum electronic enclosure 63W25H75L


Product model: D1001435
Product specifications: 63*25-L (Length customized)
Length in stock (extrusion without front/rear plate) : 75mm
Surface treatment: Sand blast Anodizing
Colors in Stock: Black
Shell structure: Aluminum extruded 2 parts
Housing components: TOP + BOTTOM + FRONT + REAR + 8X M2.5×6 BLACK
Shell material: 6063-T5 extruded aluminum alloy profile
Customizing service: Connector and ventilation holes machining, optional front and rear panel sizes, optional length , and optional colors.


D1001435 electronic aluminum extrusion housing

[vrm360 canvas_name=s1 model_url=https://www.davantech.com/products/enclosures/d1001435-00.stl aspect_ratio=1.8 initial_offset=1.3 mesh_color =#6C6C6C]

Check out some pictures of this aluminum enclosure for electronics. Extruded aluminum shell made of two parts. Including CNC milling, sandblasted and anodized.

Raspberry pi casing
Aluminum extruded casing for electronics
Mass production of aluminum enclosures with extruded parts in China
Mass production of aluminum enclosures with extruded parts

The many possibilities with aluminum extruded enclosures.

There are enormous possibilities to manufacture aluminum extruded enclosures. First you have the many standard extruded enclosures available. Furthermore these housings come in many sizes, surface finishes and colors. That is why you can send us your desired size and machining drawings and we will come up with a solutions. In case you necessary we will make the Manufacturing drawings according to your specification.

Standard extruded housing vs Custom design.

You can chose to use an existing extruded housing. Based on your requirements we will check which extrusions we can offer to produce your enclosure. For your reference we have hundreds of extrusion molds available. Furthermore there are split extruded housings as well as housings made in one piece. Each enclosure comes with a front plate and rear plate and a set of screws to assemble.

It is certainly possible to make a fully customized and personal design in case a standard casing does not fit for your application. That is why we are glad to assist you with the design and production. An extrusion mold is not very expensive. However it requires a minimum production of 1000 kilo.

Davantech is your best choise for custom made extruded aluminum housings
Custom made electronic enclosures made by Davantech


A selection of standard sizes of aluminum extruded enclosures is available. Therefore you can check our catalog. On the other hand it is better when you tell us the requirements so we can check for the best solution to fit your needs.

Surface finish.

Electronic enclosures made of aluminum come in different surface finishes.

A texture can be applied. Usually we have the option between no texture, brushed surface and sandblasted. Next, there you can chose to anodize or apply powder coating. The colors options are limitless.

surface finish of aluminum parts sandblasted or brushed

Colors for aluminum extruded enclosures.

Nowadays there is almost no limit in colors we apply to aluminum parts. Whether it is anodizing or powder coating. Hence, for powder coating we need a RAL color.

aluminum anodizing
colors for aluminum enclosures anodizing
colors for aluminum anodizing


At Davantech we have over 10 years of experience in designing customized housings for electronic equipment. As a result our team of product engineers will do the job in no time. Hence, we integrate all the electronic components into an 3D assembly. In this way we perfectly design the extrusion and milling parts.

Customization features :

  • Length.
  • Cut-outs and connector holes milling on all sides.
  • Mounting brackets.
  • Thickness of front and rear panel.
  • Silk screening or laser engraving of text and symbols.
Aluminum housing for Raspberry Pi
customized aluminum enclosure manufacturing
Width (mm)


Height (mm)


Length (mm)

75, custom length

Body Design

2 Parts (split case)


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