Besides custom manufacturing, we fabricate a whole range of products which can be ordered directly. In addition, it is possible to have those products customized. We have all necessary machinery to produce machining parts as well as overmolded components, plastic parts (injection and machining) and product assembly.

cutting tools overview
instant online quote for cnc machining service and overmolding
custom 19 inch rack mount module
Custom made 19 inch rack module
our cnc machining service includes milling and turning
fabrication of spare parts for electric motors
aluminum mounting system
SLA or stereolithography used or prototyping
At Davantech we do the injection molding of PVDF parts
Our CNC machining services include milling of metal as well as plastic parts
stainless steel water tube fitting machining
overmolded cable assemblies
plastic overmolding in China
Advantages of overmolding explained
Milling on a 4-axis CNC machine
Milling on a 4-axis CNC machine
CNC machining of large aluminum parts
We are a manufacturer of brass CNC machining parts
Design engineers make manufacturing drawings
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