Overmolded printed circuit board

Overmolded printed circuit board

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This overmolded printed circuit board is part of an actuator cable. It makes an excisting actuator addresseable. The best way was to mold the small PCB with processor into the connector of the actuator.

This overmolding process is very delicate. The reason is there are 4 overmolding steps. In each step we can damage the PCB and as such ruin the product. Each manufacturing step requires precision toolings and skilled operators. After each step we test the functionality of the PCB.

More about overmolding and insert molding.

Overmolding of electrical cables and metal contacts (connectors).

During production of electrical cables and connectors we encapsulate the wires and soldered or shrinked metal contacts with plastic.

This plastic can be softer TPE or TPR. However we also inject PP and other hard plastics around connector pins as well.

We us our vertical injection machines of 20, 25 and 45 tons for this injection molding process.

overmolding of connectors, electric cables

Overmolding of electric cables

In the last decades the possibilities to manufacture electric cables with overmolded glands, grommets or connectors have increased a lot. Find out more about electric cable overmolding.

testing of electrical cables

Testing of electrical cables

All electric cables are tested one by one before packaging. We strive to zero defects !

Overmolded printed circuit board

Even printed circuit boards with electronic components are over molded. This is to ensure water tightness. Send us an email with your request about overmolded printed circuit board.

Overmolding of printed circuit boards at Davantech

overmolding of metal can be a good solution for mechanical engineering

Over molding of plastic on metal

Some metal and plastic parts require a solid assembling. Therefore it can be a benefit to mold a plastic shape onto a metal part. Soft as well as hard plastic can be molded. This technique will ensure a tolerance free assembly where the 2 components cant move or rotate.

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