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Injection molding by Davantech

We use steel molds mounted to our injection machines for injection molding of plastic parts. Injection molds are a one-time investment. In this way we can produce simple as well as complex plastic parts in an fast and economic way.

The life time of a steel mold can vary from 100 000 cycles to 300 000 cycles for a standard mold to more than 1000 000 cycles for expensive molds. This lifetime is depending the type of steel, hardened or not, and the type of plastic to be used in the mold.

Mostly we can put multiple cavities in one mold.  As a result it is a repetitive and fast way to produce plastic housings for electronic devices and mechanical parts.

Which kind of plastic ? Raw material

Raw material used for injection molding depends on the use of the final product and the desired properties. There is a price difference between different types of plastic.

For cheaper plastic products where the finish and looks are less important we mostly use PP (Polypropylene).  This is a strong material with good chemical resistance. It is used for outdoor furniture as well as toys. However PP is not suitable for gluing and printing. We need to do a surface treatment first.

Housings of electronic devices will mostly be made of ABS of PC-ABS. This because of its robuste properties, temperature resistance and surface finish. PC or PC-ABS is more rigid and impact resistant.

Strong (tough) parts and moving parts will be made of PA66 and POM. (these materials are also suitable for machining

In our injection molding department we have 9 injection machines up to 560 Tons.  For smaller parts and over-molding we use vertical injection machines from 25 to 45 Tons.

Our factory is well organized and flexible. We are ISO9001:2015 certified as well as RoHS and REACH. Other certification and analysis of materials are possible via SGS.

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Injection molding of plastic parts by Davantech : your parts faster, cheaper and at higher quality !