Electric cables manufacturing

Electric cables manufacturing

Portfolio Description

We started electric cables manufacturing and wires because we produce a broad range of electronic products. Most electronic products require internal and external cabling.

Usually an electric cable needs a connector. We use a lot of standard connectors and terminals such as Molex and JST. We design many custom made connectors and over-moldings. Because of the demand from our customers to reduce the cost.

Our factory has most of the machines necessary to make electric cables in a precise way.

  • Cable cutting
  • Stripping of multi cable and wires
  • Tinning
  • Shrinking of contacts and ferrules
  • Over molding
  • Testing

We offer the production of custom made multi cables with an MOQ of 3000 meters.

Material analysis such as RoHS and REACH are possible.

Over-molding of electric cables is a commonly used method. It is intended to make a solid assembly between the electric wires and metal contacts or contact pins. Over-molding is encapsulating the wire and contacts. As a result we obtain a safe way to handle electric cables. It is also a way to make a watertight unit.

We are surrounded by electrical cables. We have become so used to it that we hardly notice them. However, if we didn’t have them, daily tasks such as switching on a light in a room, using a lift, or turning on a computer wouldn’t be possible. The cables come in different types and sizes, which makes it possible to supply electricity to this printer, or make a wind-turbine work.

We want to ensure an electrical cable stays in good working condition for several years without problems. That is why we need the right technology in the manufacturing process. This involves complicated manufacturing processes which require highly qualified staff.

Davantech : Electric cables manufacturing by a professional team with experience !