Plastic enclosure injection molding

We designed this custom made plastic enclosure specifically for one of our customers. To clarify, this is a housing for a traffic counter. The user connects rubber tubes to the brass nipples. When a car drives over the tubes, the device detects a variation in air pressure in the device and as such one can count the numbers of cars passing by.

Requirements for the design of the enclosure.

Important for this plastic enclosure injection molding are :

  • The enclosure has to be water tight.
  • UV-resistant plastic material without carbon UV-blockers. Carbon will reduce wireless connectivity.
  • Strong and tough material.

ASA is an obvious choice for a raw material. Because, this material meets all of the above requirements.

The plastic enclosure.

We manufacture and deliver this plastic enclosure to the customer as a set. One set consists of the body, the cover with pre-installed EPDM foam and a front part with 4 brass nipples installed. Next, we mount a serial number plate and deliver all the necessary screws.

For the plastic enclosure injection molding process, we need 2 molds.

plastic enclosure injection molding
plastic enclosure ASA

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