Custom overmolded cable assemblies

Since 2010 we are specialized in the manufacturing of custom made overmolded cable assemblies. Cable assemblies usually consist of an electrical cable and machined metal contact pins made of brass or steel. Besides connector molding, we also do the overmolding of cable splits and cable glands. Even though, electric cable overmolding is a specific manufacturing process, we master it well at Davantech. To clarify, it requires some knowledge and skills to do make overmolded cable assemblies correctly. Therefore, the design of the product must be done in a proper way. When designing overmolded products, you have to understand that the over molding sequence will determine the number of molds necessary to produce a single product.

Cable overmolding and connectors.

Let us explain briefly how we do the molding of connectors to electric cables. The process explained: after we place the electrical cable and the metal contacts in the mold, the mold closes and we inject a layer of plastic over the cable and pins. To clarify, this layer of plastic material usually is a soft type of plastic. However, we inject a hard plastic around the soft plastic as a second molded layer, in case we need a connector with a lock or click. A final layer forms the outside of the connector.

The necessary parts to make custom overmolded cable assemblies are:

  • Electric cables or wires
  • Gold plated brass or steel contact pins.
  • Shrink sleeve, when necessary.

Manufacturing of custom made electric cables.

Our trusted sub-contractor provides us with almost any custom made electric cable. Whether you need a multi cable with different wire diameters inside. Or, you need different wire diameters and twisted pairs at the same time, we can do it. Therefore we need some specific information from you:

  • Number of cores.
  • Type of cores, section of the wires (AWG).
  • Type of shielding.
  • Twisting or no twisting.
  • Outer diameter.
  • Raw material of the shell.
overmolded electric cable

Assembly of connectors, terminals and lugs.

In order to do the molding of electric cables with overmolded connectors, we often use connectors from well know brands. Next, we mount terminals and other accessories onto the wires or cable. If requested we buy cheaper alternatives, which are of impeccable quality. We always send samples of the alternative components before the series manufacturing. This is the right way for our customers to check the quality of the components.

At Davantech, we do a lot more than only manufacturing of overmolded cable assemblies. We are experiences in a number of manufacturing processes such as CNC machining, plastic injection molding and product assembly. In addition, we offer product engineering services to our customers. In this way, we cooperate to obtain the best manufacturing process at the best cost. Next to our manufacturing services, we manufacture a range of standard products used in industrial environments.