Manufacturing of electric cables

Manufacturing of electric cables.

At Davantech we make electric cables with overmolded connectors as well as cable glands.

Overmolding of electric cables is a specific manufacturing process. Moreover, it requires some knowledge and skills. As a result, the design of the product must be done in a proper way. The over molding sequence will determine the number of molds necessary for a single product. After we place cable and contacts nicely in the mold, a layer of plastic is injected around the cable and pins after the mold is closed.  To clarify, this layer is usually a soft plastic compound.  However, we inject a hard plastic around the soft plastic as a second molded layer, in case a locking connector is required. A final layer forms the outside shape of the connector.

The necessary parts to make an overmolded connector are :

  • electric cable
  • gold plated brass contact pins
  • shrink sleeve (eventually)

Production of electric cable and multi cable.

Any electric cable can be produced. Therefore we need some specific information.

  • number of cores
  • type of cores, section of the wires (awg)
  • type of shielding
  • twisting or no twisting
  • outer diameter
  • raw material of the shell

We order custom made cables as well as standard cables to our trusted supplier.

Connectors, terminals, lugs.

We usually use connectors, terminals and other accessories from well known brands. If needed we can also source cheaper alternatives for manufacturing of electric cables harness.

At Davantech we do more than only manufacturing of electric cables. We master a number of manufacturing processes usch as CNC machining, plastic injection molding and product assembly. In addition we offer engineering services to our customers. In this way we work together to determine the best manufacturing process at the best cost. Next to our services we produce a range of standard products used in industrial environments.

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Overmolding of electric cables

In the last decades the possibilities to manufacture electric cables with overmolded glands, grommets or connectors have increased a lot. Find out more about electric cable overmolding.