Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit the factory in China ?

Absolutely ! We welcome our customers and potential new customers to visit our factory in Zhangmutou, Dongguan. We show our way of working which is slightly different than in an average Chinese factory. That is because we are influenced by our Belgian general manager. We have Chinese and Western project managers who will show your around.

Assembly of a battery housing for electric bikes

Are you wondering how can Davantech offer a variety of products ?

Our business started back in 2010 where we only sourced parts and products. Because of our good cooperation with a Dutch product development company we started to assemble products. We had to get our small to mid-sized production orders done at large factories who were only interested in large production orders. They did not really care about quality and timing.

As a result, we started to buy injection machines and milling machines in order to have full control over the manufacturing process as well as the quality control.  We don't only want to take mass production orders. Davantech's intention is to offer the best solutions for its customers. Today we are still expanding the possibilities in manufacturing techniques and capacity.

We use the large supply chain in Dongguan to source smaller components which require specific machinery. All the rest we tent to do it our self.

Our philosophy is : what you do by yourself you do it better !

How does Davantech ensure quality ?

At Davantech, quality and customers satisfaction comes first.

First of all we follow our ISO9001:2015 procedures throughout the entire process from order over manufacturing to shipping.

Tolerances and accuracy is determined based on the customers information such as production drawings and 3D files. We will inform you when we see indications that there could be a problem to produce your product. Furthermore we will suggest how to improve the design for better manufacturing.  Manufacturing is also an interaction between us and the customer.

Each part is followed up during the manufacturing process. Our Quality engineers always make a measuring report. In many cases we ship one or two production samples from the entire batch to our customer for acceptance. When accepted it means the entire batch is good to ship. We will rework or start over in case there is a non-conformity. It is our responsibility to deliver good products.

For large production series and assembled products or devices it is better for you to come over and sign-off the product. In this way we are both certain that the goods are conform the specification before shipping.

Production time varies by technology and your location is also one of the factor to consider. When getting a quote, you can find the “Estimated Shipping Date” in the Quotation page. This is our standard expected turnaround. Whenever possible, we try to beat that timing if we can. Customer’s satisfaction is our key of success.Sourcing of external components varies between 14 days and 30 days. For imported electronic components there can be delays depending on the availability of the component.Mould production takes a minimum of 35 working daysPlastic injection takes a minimum of 14 days (including planning, procurement of raw materials, production and quality check) we count an average of 2000 cycles per 22 hours/day. Injection molding runs 7 on 7.CNC milling takes minimum 2 weeksAssembly requires minimum 20 days after manufacturing of parts. ShippingExpress shipping will take 3 to 5 working daysSea freight will take about 6 weeks*lead times can vary depending on your location 
Shipping cost is calculated when we make a quotation, depending on the required products, shipping address and shipping method. Customers also have the option to use their own shipping accounts (e.g. DHL or UPS) for Express delivery. Next the goods can be shipped on pallets or containers from the nearest sea port (Yantian, Shenzhen). Usually we offer the unit cost Ex Factory. In addition we charge the FOB cost (Export documents and trucking to the sea port) Customers are responsible for duties and fees associated with international shipping. For shipping outside of China, the customer must provide a valid shipping account. Our current shipping service provider includes UPS, TNT, FEDEX & DHL.

Is there a minimum order quantity at Davantech?

Manufacturing in China is based on mass production. As such, the quantity or size of your project can often determine whether or not you’ll be successful.  As a general rule, we require a minimum order quantity of 500 pieces.

The order quantity directly influences the cost of manufacturing. Startup-costs, overhead and manufacturing costs increase the price of small series. The larger the series the better we can maintain the manufacturing process and quality.

Davantech is not the average mass production factory. In the last decade we saw the potential of startups and small business's.  Because they have the potential to grow. Therefore we will evaluate each request and produce even smaller to mid size series. Our business model is based on long term cooperation where trust and support are key factors.

Overmolding of printed circuit boards at Davantech

What about intellectual property ?

We are very strict about intellectual property. Because it is a very serious matter. Since the foundation of Davantech we are a trustworthy supplier.

Signing a Non Disclosure Agreement or NDA is very common for us. And we respect that. It would be impossible to be in the business for product engineering and product assembling if we do not respect our customers IP.

We are a factory with Belgian and Chinese values.

There is no problem of IP when manufacturing parts. Our workers and our sub-contractors have no interest in copying parts. Hence they don't know what the parts are used for.

Products are assembled in our factory. Only our management knows the purpose of most products and they are all bound to respecting the IP of our customers.

It has to be said that new products which are manufactured in small to middle sized series don't show the potential to be copied. Next, we help our customers to apply for Patents and Utility models in China. As a result,  it would be impossible for other factories to produce and export the products.

You don't have to worry when you work with Davantech !

We respect your intellectual property in China

Why would I outsource manufacturing to China ?

If your company faces high labor costs or high overhead costs. You can chose outsourcing your manufacturing to China. However, there are more benefits for having your products made in a company like Davantech.  We should mention the fast response time for quotations and starting up the production. In addition we have skilled and motivated workers who work 10 hours per day.

It is our intention to process your products faster, cheaper and at a better quality.

Outsourcing is always a great option when you have labor-intensive products, or when they require a repetitive production processes. Also, if you need to expand your manufacturing capacity but cannot justify the costs immediately. Lastly, outsourcing is an option if you want to produce your component with different materials without incurring large-scale prototyping costs. For all these circumstances, however, China factories can provide various cost-effective options. Molds and toolings made in China often costs less than 30 to 50% compared to overseas manufacturing.

Here you will find more benefits about outsourcing manufacturing to China.

Are you considering to outsource your production ? We explain here what the benefits are for your business.

You are a Dutch-Chinese company, does it cost more ?

Not at all !

You benefit from our Western and Chinese expertise and quality management. While we offer Chinese prices.

A picture of a business meeting in our meeting room at Davanteh