Fabrication of aluminum mounting brackets for window blinds

Among different products we also do the fabrication of aluminum mounting brackets for window blinds and hand rails. Mounting brackets for window blinds come in one of the following variants: Sheet metal, plastic and extruded aluminum. We focus on the aluminum extruded mounting brackets. To clarify, extruded brackets look more solid and stylish than their plastic and sheet metal counterparts. And that is where Davantech makes the difference.

In order to get the mounting brackets fabricated, we first make 3D models and production drawings of the product. Or else, our customer gives us his own drawings and files.  A mounting bracket often consists of different parts mounted together. There is the bracket itself with a stainless steel mounting plate and a cover plate to hide the mounting screws, for example. In this case, we also do the product assembly. Other brackets are simple and only need CNC machining of the extruded aluminum part.

How we fabricate aluminum mounting brackets:

First we have the raw material extruded. In this way we don’t have a lot of waste material during manufacturing. Next, we use our CNC milling machines to mill cavities, rounds and mounting positions. Our machining shop counts over 20 milling centers. All of them have fast and automatic tool changing. After machining comes the quality control and dimensional check. The final step is sand blasting and surface treatment. Next to anodizing we also offer powder coating in a variety of colors.

Manufacturing of aluminum mounting brackets
CNC machining and assembling of mounting brackets
product design of aluminum mounting brackets