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EV charging contact pin manufacturer

Among fabrication of different connector types, we are also an EV charging contact pin manufacturer. More specific, we make connector pins out of brass and finish them with silver plating or gold plating. Manufacturing of the EV connector pins happens on our CNC turning machines. Inside the female contact pin there are specifically designed contact springs. More specific, we calculate these springs based on customers design and electric power requirements. Important is a good electrical contact between the male and female contact pin together with an acceptable connection force. This is necessary to easily connect and disconnect the  connector.

Contact pin manufacturing.

We are more than only an EV charging connector pins manufacturer. In addition to metal pin manufacturing we fabricate a broad range of standard and custom made components. Furthermore, we produce electric data and power cable assemblies. Among the manufacturing processes to make connectors and cable assemblies are injection molding, overmolding and cnc machining. Customers use our connector and cable hardware in electrical installations, power systems, electric wheel chairs, RC models, sensors and vehicles.

We offer a full service including designing, tooling, manufacturing and testing. Because of our many years of experience we are able to come up with technical solutions fast. Each project is different, thus, it needs a specific approach.

Overmolded grounding pin with plastic nut and G1/2 thread

Insert molding - overmolding is one of the core manufacturing services we offer at Davantech. In this video we show you the manufacturing of an overmolded grounding pin with plastic nut and G1/2 thread. These pins are used to measure current leakage in water systems like swimming pools. First we make the stainless steel pin …

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Custom made overmolded humidity sensor

The product in this article is a custom made overmolded humidity sensor, we developed for one of our customers. Our customer uses this sensor to measure temperature and humidity. Therefore, we use a high quality sensing component. Typically for such a product is that we reduce the development time because of the experience we have …

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Custom made magnetic connector

We designed and manufactured our latest custom made magnetic connector specifically for one of our customers. To clarify, it was our goal to implement a connector with magnets into an existing molded enclosure. At Davantech, we did what we do best: Think a solution. The result is an overmolded magnetic connector with 2 magnets and …

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