Development of a product

Product development is about the entire process of creation of a product. More specific it covers everything from product idea till finished product. A products can be more than a tangible item. More specific,  we call a formula for a loan at the bank or a membership card a product as well. Next, an electronic device or a bottle of sparkling water are also products.

At Davantech we focus on the development of mechanical and electro-mechanical products. In our business, a product is a part or an assembly of different parts that for a unit.

The steps of product development.

The process of product development is an iteration of several factors.

Product idea : The idea for a new product originates from a mechanical or electronic problem that one wants to solve.

The concept : One or several conecpts are thought to achieve the solution for the problem. Several factors influence the success rate of each concept. Such are cost, complexity, ecological impact, durability, ease of assemby, etc.

Proof of concept : With a POC we show the feasibility of a concept before an entire design is made. Evenmore it happens before prototypes are manufactured.

Design phase : In this phase the chosen concept will be designed and engineered. Mostly this part consists of mechanical design and electronic design. The 2 need to work closely together in order to achieve an optimal product design.

Prototyping : Prototypes are a reproduction of the final mechanical and electronic design. It gives us the possibilitie to look at the product and feel it as well. We can determine what needs to be improved and modified.

Adjustment of the design : The prototype shows ut the shortcomings of the design and this is the phase where we adjust the design. All errors are solved and improvements are done.

Manufacturing : Once the design is final we start the manufacturing. First we make tools for mass production if they are required. A typical example of such a tool are injection molds for plastic parts. Next we order components. Then we make a pre-series to setup and improve the manufacturing and assembly process. At last we startup mass production.

Product development of a Call Button for hospital
Product development
Development of a product
Development of a product