CNC milling of a foam ball made of EVA

Did you know that CNC milling of a foam ball made of EVA is perfectly possible with a CNC machine? In this video we show you how we do the cnc machining of foam balls used on joysticks.

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CNC milling EVA products is very similar to milling metal or plastic components. Because EVA is foam, we need to adapt the milling process in terms of cutting tools used and milling speed. Important is a high rotation speed of the mill. In addition, the mill must be ultra sharp in order to cut the foam nicely. Next, holding a foam part is slightly different because it deforms easily. Pay attention to deformation when clamping the part.

After CNC milling of a foam ball made of EVA the outside surface is rough. For several applications this is perfect. We machine EVA balls used on joysticks to control electric wheel chairs. We glue a plastic adaptor part in the EVA machined ball in order to mount it onto the axle of the joystick. EVA milled parts find their application in packaging, toys, foam boards, floor panels, and more.

EVA comes in different hardness shores and colors. When used in shoe soles, we often glue several layers with different shore hardness together prior to milling.