At the beginning of a new mechanical engineering project, our engineers will study the required specifications, form factor and functions of a product. This ensure that the most suitable design, material, and manufacturing process is selected and thus warrants the most optimized cost structure and performance of the product. A good mechanical design is crucial in the development of any electronic or mechanical product.

Mechanical engineering involves :

  • Selection of materials
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Strength of enclosure and parts
  • Injection mold design
  • Assembling time
  • Production cost
  • Thermal management
  • Reliability  electronic components MTBF
  • Dust and water resistance IP Rating
  • EMI/EMC : Electromagnetism
  • Maintenance, repairing
  • Environmental specs : shock , vibration, ..

Years of experience

Our mechanical engineers at Davantech have worked on many projects during the last years. They understand a new concept fast and know how to design, pay attention to details. From ruggedised LCD screens, panel PC’s and networking devices over Giant video screens for rental and fixed installation market, household appliances and Equipment for Electric wheel chairs for disabled people.

Working within the Balance

We offer our clients the highest quality design solutions that work within technical and price constraints and fulfill project objectives. Our mechanical engineers are unique in that they adept at reconciling technical solutions with price and manufacturing constraints. This allows us to develop reliable mechanical systems and enclosures that are practical, cost optimized, and able to be manufactured at whatever production quantity.

Our Belgian – Chinese team has an unique strength to offer Service from Product development to manufacturing and delivery