We handle your entire electronics an mechanical manufacturing project from design, engineering, prototyping, all the way to tooling, mass manufacturing, and quality control.

At Davantech we know what it takes to manufacture your innovative product cost effectively and at the quality you need by specifically designing the electronics for manufacturing in China —all the while complying with your specifications.

Let us work for you , you don’t have to deal with :

  • Finding different suppliers for all your components : time consuming.
  • Negotiating the cost of components : We are Chinese talking to Chinese
  • Setting up supply chain, finding different suppliers
  • Quality issues : we detect them and we solve them
  • Poor communication and misunderstandings with suppliers in China
  • Intellectual property issues : we have our ways to protect IP, we even apply for your patent and enforce it.

From product Design to Manufacturing

We are a One-Stop partner for product development and manufacturing in China, based in Zhangmutou, Dongguan and represented in Belgium, Europe. What started as a purely Product development business quickly turned into a complete chain of services from engineering till manufacturing and delivery.

We have the people to assemble your products, we have machinery to do basic metal processing as well as the necessary machines to produce electrical cables. We don’t hesitate to buy equipment to measure parts and check quality.

Our small network of sub contractors delivers excellent components and its perfectly possible to pay them a visit together with our customers. We know this will give trust to our customers.

Product assembling China
Printed circuit boards ready to assemble
coating on pcb

Electronic Manufacturing Capabilities via our partner

PCB Assembly

We can do conventional through-hole, surface mount technologies (SMT) on both rigid and flexible circuits, and BGAs (Ball Grid Array) and perform multiple quality assurance procedures before final assembly, which may include visual inspection, X-ray Inspection, AOI (Automated Optical Inspector), ICT (in-circuit test), and a functional test.

Full System Electronic Assembly

Benefit from our capabilities in assembling complete integrated electronic systems where we take full responsibility of PCBA mounting into housings (including mechanical integration and cabling), software loading, tests, packaging, documentation and logistics worldwide.

Custom Housings for Electronics

Davantech is able to fabricate custom plastic injected housings in a variety of materials as well as stamped metal housing produced using a progressive die or die-cast housings in zinc or magnesium for more form flexibility.

Testing & Quality Control of Electronics

Depending on requirements, we can provide a range of product reliability testing from thermal and humidity cycling, product life cycle testing, IP spray testing, stress testing, and impact testing to ensure conformity to specifications and quality consistency throughout production.

We make it our job to know what you want and design electronic products with the quality you expect and deliver it faster and more economically.