We combine our Experience in product development and our large Knowledge and Possibilities for custom manufacturing of complete products and assemblies IN-house.

Furthermore our engineering team makes 3D models of your parts and assemblies. We will review your product design and give inputs how to improve. Skilled engineers will check carefully what are the best options for manufacturing a part in terms of cost and features and adapt the design accordingly.

To avoid redesigns and to get the most design options,  its a benefit to involve us very early in the development process. We can integrate electronics and mechanical components in custom made housings or we find solutions for technical problems and propose the parts you need.

A team of technical people and engineers in Europe and China work closely together in order to develop and produce new and innovative products. We offer Product Engineering services in order to get the best out of the production of your innovations !

Our key strengths are the development and  manufacturing of assembled products including packaging. Designing Electronic products with plastic or aluminum housings with integration of standard and manufactured components.

Product engineering

Product Engineering

Product engineering includes different services :

  • R&D : Study of feasebility of a new product idea
  • Concept : proposal of a concept of a new design
  • 3D modelling and CAD
  • Prototyping : 3D printing, CNC machining, sourcing of components
  • Tweaking : modifications of the design based on POC or Prototypes
  • Preparing for manufacturing of series. Define production techniques, toolings, technical drawings, BOM, documentation

Custom manufacturing services


Over 15 years of experience in Product development and 3D modelling of parts and assembling. We combine our knowledge of production techniques and skills to design parts as a service to our customers. We design to manufacturing.

 Do you have a new product idea and you dont know how to turn it into a real product ?

 Are you in need of engineering capacity to make 3D models of your parts ?

 Do you want us to design and produce your product ?

We are at your service !

Our biggest advantage is our skilled and technical team that can handle a broad range of product assemblies. Since several years we focused on the custom manufacturing and assembling of products with a high level of technology and complexity in small to medium sized series starting from 500 sets.

We manage to produce and source all necessary parts in China of imported from abroad. @Davantech we bring all the components together and finally deliver a fully assembled and tested product.

Together with our customers we develop the best ways to produce, assemble and test any product.

Benefit from our service !

An electrical cable for Power, Data and signals is one of the most important components in most devises and electronic products. We are specialized in production of custom electrical cable assemblies and over molding of connectors and cables.

Manufacturing of :

  • Power cables and cords
  • Data cables
  • Automotive cable harnesses
  • Plug inserts
  • Rubber cable
  • Custom electronic wires : USB, HDMI,LVDS, VGA, ETHERNET, COAX, FLATCABLE
  • Sensor cables : temperature sensors
  • Custom cables
  • Over molding of cables, glands, connectors
  • Cable and connector special solutions

Our engineering and production team work closely together to find solutions for custom designed cables

All of our products are exelent quality and original at very competitive price. Our products are produced conform: UL, cUL, VDE, SAA, BSI, IMQ, FI, SEV, CEBEC, IRAM, PSE, GS and more, as well as strictly compliant with RoHS directive.



CNC Milling and turning of aluminum, steel, stainless steel and brass parts. All CNC machining is done by our partner and the processing such as Drilling, tapping, de-burring, reaming and chanfering is done @Davantech.

We have a partner for sheet metal as wel. We offer Laser Cutting, punshing, bending and inserting.

Surface treatment of metal parts : powder coating, zinc plating, nickel plating, anodizing, sandblasting, polishing

Davamold Co., Limited is our sister company for plastic injection and mold manufacturing.

We have our own mold manufacturing shop and 9 injection machines.

Please visit the website by clicking on the link below :

From a complex multi-layer board to a double sided surface mount design, our goal is to provide you a quality product that meets your requirements and is the most cost effective to manufacture.

There is no such thing as a standard printed circuit board. Each board has a unique function for a particular product and must be designed to perform that function in the space allotted. Our partners board designers use computer-aided design systems with special software to layout the circuit pattern on the board. The spaces between electrical conducting paths are often 0.04 inches (1.0 mm) or smaller. The location of the holes for component leads or contact points are also laid out, and this information is translated into instructions for a computer numerical controlled drilling machine or for the automatic solder paster used in the manufacturing process.

Once the circuit pattern is laid out, a negative image, or mask, is printed out at exact size on a clear plastic sheet. With a negative image, the areas that are not part of the circuit pattern are shown in black and the circuit pattern is shown as clear.

We use imported components as well as Chinese components on printed circuit boards. This is depending on the complexity of the PCB or the customers requirements for quality and cost.